Music at Nobles

Every Wednesday from 8.30pm it’s m u l t i – f o l k

Every Sunday Evening 7.30pm – 1930’s Swing and Gypsy Jazz

Hogmanay with the Banjo Lounge 4!

Every Wednesday Evening 8:30pm – Traditional Tunes, melodies and songs from all over Europe and beyond!

hosts by Dave Tunstall, Morag Brown and Lewis Powell! All players cordially welcome to bring instruments, their loveliest melodies and most intoxicating tunes.

Every Sunday Evening 7:30pm – Reviving Nobles Legendary Sunday Night Jazz, with next level live & unplugged 1930’s Swing and Gypsy Jazz from The Royston Trio plus Special Guests!

Feel good Sunday Evening vibes from… Dave Tunstal ( The Langan Band, Band of Burns ) on Double Bass, Pepita Emmerichs ( Oh Pep! ) on Mandoline & Fiddle and Theodore Thomas Barnard ( Cucks Bounty, Wire and Wool, Good Guy Hank ) on Guitar!

Perfect tunes for enjoying Sunday Eats, sipping on Cocktails or enjoying a crisp fresh Craft Brew!

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