About Nobles

Charming family owned neighbourhood bar & restaurant. Fresh, local & responsible.

Nobles comfortably walks the line between sumptuous eatery and loveable neighbourhood pub, seasonal menus and refined classics made using the best Scottish ingredients are prepared with care and attention. Brunch, evening dining, crisp craft beers, exquisite wines and cocktails are served until late, Nobles is a home away from home for lovers of good food and drink.

With Nobles and indeed Leith, We are very lucky to have such an rich and evocative history. There was a time when this port town was the busiest in Northern Europe. Whalers, Naval Captains, Pirates and Fishermen would have literally rubbed shoulders in it’s many bustling pubs, and walking around today, you can almost hear the echos of their salty shanties. Since taking the helm in 2010, we have been building upon this rich heritage, working with our award winning team, to bring new and exciting things to the table.

As a small, independent family business we take great pride in every aspect of this wonderful space and the service that we provide, we only hope that you’ll love it as much as we do!

Slàinte mhath!

Fay, Niall and the fine crew of the Good Ship Nobles!

Opened in 1896 along with the whisky bonding operation of Archibald Noble, this elegant Victorian bar-restaurant has large beautiful stained-glass windows, dark wood panelling and a distinct nautical theme, Nobles is absolutely brimming with old world charm and colourful touches which make it the perfect place to let time drift by.

Want to Work With Us?

We are always happy to receive C.V’s whether you are a chef, manager, front of house or bar wizz.

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